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People To Go, Places To See... Wait

Somersault Festival - July, London Grammar - Spetember, Lewis Watson - September, Noel Fielding - November


Orphan Black - Season 1, American Horror Story - Asylum, Teen Wolf - Season 2


One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, Life's That Way

I just found my year 10 English exam paper on role models where I talk about how Sherlock, Iron Man, Augustus Waters and fictional characters in general are good role models…. 

"Spears and Aguilera?"
"I've noticed your aliases are usually the names of popular musicians."

Shameless Meme [2/6 gentlemen]: Kevin Ball

↳ I got a magic penis, man!


It's growth, then decay, then transformation.
Get To Know Me Meme: [1/5] Favorite TV Shows
Breaking Bad

Make Me Choose Meme

The Mighty Boosh or Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy

Title: First Light

Artist: Racing Glaciers

Played: 161 times


ok dude, i know you wanna fuck the granny queen from a bugs life, we’ve gotten your confession 385 fucking times, we get it, you love fucking old wrinkly ass ants, stop fucking submitting it.

"Preview of our shoot with the awesome #noelfisher last week #mickeymilkovich #shameless #showtime #rikerbrothers" x